June 29, 2014


i guess i only seem to post when it's a birthday or food is involved.
i started the day with my favorite music and a clean kitchen and gifts from near and far, followed by a facetime call from europe, breakfast at betty's, a hike at tifft nature preserve, a nice long nap, an e-card, a surprise gift on the my doorstep, and long distance calls, dinner at sun, and strawberries on the deck. win.

April 15, 2014

April in pictures

April in pictures, or when I started to feel like myself again and picked up my camera after a 3 month hiatus.

January 30, 2014

missing film grain

there is nothing quite like the seduction of film grain.

missing my film camera tonight.

it was the right decision to say goodbye to her last year.

but i still miss her...

all photos taken in 2009. copyright Ilana Chlebowski, 2014

August 5, 2013

New York | August 2013 | Part 4 of 4

On Sunday, I got up early (not early, but earlier than the others...)

took more pictures of myself, before heading out and about...

Later on, the boys got some bagels...

And we walked through Central Park to The Whitney, where we loved the Robert Irwin's scrim veil (the Edward Hopper show was phenomenal...but not pictured b/c we were not allowed!)

The Calder show was great too!

A walk back through the park led us to Shake Shack. No pictures of the food because it was too delicious for our hungry faces...

Then we byed, took the train to Grand Central

The rest of the trip was slightly eventful and included stopped traffic, being pulled over (with no ticket for an headlight out), and me getting super weird and cranky by 1am.

Overall, a GREAT time. We love New York!

New York | August 2013 | Part 3 of 4

Saturday afternoon we headed to the New York Hall of Science where we had a grand time...

Then, it was time to eat again! We hit up Sea Thai in the Meatpacking District...

Then, one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend was walking on the Highline. Magical...

Later, we got a little detoured and ended up at Columbus Circle for a rest, before heading back "home" to the Upper West Side.